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Freedom of Information Request

Pursuant to La. R.S. 44:32, Monroe Police Department (“MPD”) requires the payment of a reasonable fee in advance to produce records. Accident reports or tickets cost $8.00 per report. Incident reports cost $8.00. The fee for video footage is $8.00 per video up to 4GB and $5.00 for every additional 2GB of total footage. MPD will assess a fee of $1.00 per CD or DVD used to copy the video. If the footage is too large to fit on a disc, then it will be copied to a USB drive for a fee of $8.00. The fee for photos is $0.10 per photo that will be delivered in a digital format on a disk or USB flash drive. Due to network security concerns, we are unable to allow you to provide us with your own disc or flash drive. We will notify you of the cost once it is determined.

We will also notify you once your request is fulfilled, and you are welcome to pick up your records at Monroe Police Department located at 700 Wood Street, Monroe, 71201 from 8am – 5pm, M-F (closed on holidays) and contact Scott Rogers. We can also mail the records to you USPS Priority Mail shipping at a cost of $8.95 (pricing for 2022 and subject to change). Please mail or bring a check or money order made payable to the Monroe Police Department, attention Sgt Donald Simpson, Budgeting Division, 1810B Martin Luther King, Monroe, 71202. Once we receive payment, we will mail or make available for pick up the requested records. In accordance with the Public Records Law, you may elect to view the video in person, on premises, without copies or cost. Such arrangements should be made with Sgt Mike Fendall.

Pursuant to La. R.S. 44:3(I), all requests for production of video or audio recordings generated by law enforcement officer bodyworn cameras shall be incident specific and shall include reasonable specificity as to the date, time, location, or persons involved. A request for multiple incidents shall include reasonable specificity as to the date, time, location, or persons involved in each incident requested. MPD may deny a request not containing reasonable specificity.

MPD expressly reserves the right to assert any exemptions or to redact any non-public information in accordance with law. While this form is not mandatory, its completion will greatly assist us in processing your request.

Mailing Information

If you want video mailed, please provide a name, address, and an email address below. Your request will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail which includes $50.00 insurance. You will be emailed a copy of the shipping receipt with a tracking number. If your shipment is not received, you can make a claim to the USPS ( using the receipt. Claims are to be made no sooner than (7) days and no later than (60) days from shipping date.